Roman Blood by Steven Saylor

Gordianus the Finder finds truths other Romans won’t dirty their hands seeking. When he’s hired by a young orator named Cicero he faces his most dangerous case. How is the murder of a country farmer connected to Rome’s rich and powerful? Will Gordianus lose his life seeking the truth?

Gordianus is jaded, at times kind, intuitive, and a talented investigator. The characters, historical and created, are interesting. Cicero, for instance, is temperamental and a mix of noble and ambitious. Rome is a city of many moods and faces. The mystery features a solid chain of logic but also some plausible surprises. Roman Blood offers a historical mystery set in ancient Rome.

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A down on his luck Roman army doctor investigates a series of mysterious deaths in a bar in Medicus by Ruth Downie.

A Roman investigator finds the death of Emperor Vespasian’s lion is tied to corruption in the world of gladiators in Two for the Lions by Lindsey Davis.


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