Trail of the Spanish Bit by Don Coldsmith

When Conquistador Juan Garcia is separated from his troops he forms a temporary alliance with the Native American tribe called the People. Juan’s horse skills gain the People’s respect and they begin to gain his respect. After Juan helps fight the vicious Head Splitters he questions his destiny. Can a Spanish warrior make a permanent home among the People?

Juan gains maturity as he slowly learns to respect and care about the People. The People, especially cunning and caring Coyote, are likeable. Plenty of adventure occurs as Juan helps the People fight the Head Splitters and develop a horse herd. There is also some romance when Juan falls in love with the beautiful and brave Tall One. Trail of the Spanish Bit offers a story focusing on Native American culture meeting other cultures, adventurousness, and romance.

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Tired U.S. soldier John Dunbar’s life changes forever after he encounters a Comanche camp in Dances with Wolves by Michael Blake.


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