By the Blood of Heroes: The Great Undead War Book I by Joseph Nassise

In WWI Germany creates a gas that revives the dead as gory ‘shamblers’. The Allies suffer another blow when their greatest ace, Captain Freeman, is captured. Can a team led by Captain Michael ‘Madman’ Burke rescue Freeman and keep hope alive?

By the Blood of Heroes is a unique mix of zombies, alternate history, and steampunk. The cunning undead Red Baron, brave good guys, and exotic steampunk gadgets are fun. Burke’s team’s battles and a monstrous plan Freeman learns of create suspenseful horror. By the Blood of Heroes offers horror, alternate history, steampunk, suspense, and a fun read.

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A Scotland Yard inspector is tasked with discovering why a dead body with bite marks has appeared on the Transatlantic Span in Doktor Glass by Thomas Brennan.

A mercenary Captain in a world where the Civil War ended due to zombies is drawn into the quest for a powerful weapon in Odd Men Out by Matt Bretts.


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