Something Different: Anthologies

Interested in a new genre but not sure where to start? Feel like reading, but not a whole book? Want a homage to a theme or author? An anthology might be the best choice. Anthologies offer short stories about the same topic, place, theme, etc. This list is an example of the variety of anthologies.

Best American Short Stories 2014 edited by Jennifer Egan.

Future Wars and Other Punchlines edited by Hank Davis. (Humorous military science fiction.)

Everything’s Eventual: 14 Dark Tales by Stephen King.

Moscow Noir edited by Natalia Smirnova. (Part of Akashic’s anthology noir series set in different places around the world.)

Murder Most Feline: Cunning Tales of Cats and Crime edited by Ed Gorman, Martin H. Greenberg, and Larry Segriff.

Secretly Smitten: Love Changes Everything by Kristin Billerbeck, Colleen Coble, Diann Hunt, and Denise Hunter. (Part of a Christian Romance Anthology series set in a small town.)

Steampunk: An Anthology of Fantastically Rich and Strange Stories edited by Kelly Link.

Tales of the American West: The Best of the Spur Award-Winning Authors edited by Richard S. Wheeler.

Thicker Than Water: Coming-of-Age Stories by Irish and Irish American Authors edited by Gordon Snell.

If you find you like a certain editor then try seeing if they’ve edited other anthologies. Martin H. Greenberg is perhaps one example because he edited hundreds of anthologies.


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