Girl Waits With Gun by Amy Stewart

Constance Kopp won’t let a dangerous merchant get away with destroying her family’s buggy. When her stubbornness results in threats she’ll have to take extraordinary steps to keep her family safe. Can she triumph?

Constance using a gun and seeking information makes her a woman ahead of her time. (Constance Kopp actually became one of the fitst female deputy sherrifs.) Other characters such as her pigeon breeder sister and the determined Sheriff Heath are also likeable. The danger and the difficulties of seeking justice provide a lot of suspense. Counterbalancing that is the humor of Constance’s relationships with her sisters and her practical dry wit. The restrictions and potential of the early 20th century -with special attention to New York- are clearly seen through her eyes. Girl Waits with Gun offers a fictional tale of a female character ahead of her time fighting crime.

Want more books like Girl Waits with Gun?

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Late 19th century New York is a dangerous place, but maid Molly Murphy won’t let it stop her from exonerating herself in Murphy’s Law by Rhys Bowen.

Brooklyn detective Mary Ann Handley gets a chance to prove her skills when Thomas Edison’s former bookkeeper is murdered in Second Street Station by Lawrence H. Levy.

Interested in learning more about real trailblazing women crime fighters? Check out books such as Policewomen Who Made History: Breaking Through the Ranks by Robert L. Snow.


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