Abraham’s Well by Sharon Ewell Foster


Armentia is a black Cherokee slave who walks the Trail of Tears. The journey and trials afterwards could break her spirit. If she dares to hope will it ever be fulfilled?

Armentia is honest about her imperfections and struggles in the face of horrific events. Bravery often ends tragically, hope can seem futile, and when to not settle is hard to choose. Her fictional voice ponders why people enact, endure, and allow horrors like the Trail and slavery. She also wonders how God fits in and if He can be trusted as a source of strength. Abraham’s Well portrays African American slaves living with Native Americans and is also Christian Historical Fiction. 

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Slave Cow Tom founds a family tied to the Creek tribe before and after the tribe’s removal to Oklahoma in Citizens Creek by Lalita Tademy.

Interested in learning more about African Americans who were also Native Americans? Check out books like Black Indians: A Hidden Heritage by William Loren Katz.


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