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Rolling in the Deep by Mira Grant


The scientists and crew of the Atargatis seek mermaids in the isolated Mariana Trench. They will find terror and death. What horrors lie behind the myth of beautiful mermaids?

These mermaids are gory predators which create a desire to avoid deep, isolated waters. A vaguely scientific explanation for their creepy ability to mimic their prey creates horrified curiosity about what lies deep beneath the sea. The fast paced story gives just enough time to care about the characters before the mermaids attack. Rolling in the Deep offers a fast paced tale of scientists encountering horrors from the sea.

Want more books like Rolling in the Deep?

A marine biologist at an isolated marine institute faces a dangerous sea creature in Creature by Peter Benchley.

A paleontologist battles the creature that killed his crew mates in a previous expedition in Meg by Steve Alten.

Two scientists are sent to Long Island when people begin disappearing and dying due to mysterious attacks in Mount Misery by Angelo Peluso.




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Buried Secrets by Margaret Daley

Maggie Slater doesn’t want to believe Zach Collier’s tale about lost Aztec treasure putting them both in danger, but events push aside her doubts. Can this duo put aside a bitter family feud to discover a lost treasure?

The feud and conflicting dreams push this duo apart. Being equally stubborn, loyal, and smart pull them together. Prayer gives Maggie strength to overcome fear and helps Zach keep things in perspective. Zach’s aunt Evelyn and sheriff cousin Hawke are brave and loyal allies. Dangerous run-ins with enemies and feelings of danger create suspense. Buried Secrets offers a Christian romantic suspense tale of a duo who seek treasure and might find love too.

Want more books like Buried Secrets?

Brooke Ramsey makes an alliance with a treasure hunter to find a lost painting and save her father’s reputation in Lost Legacy by Dana Mentink.

Allison Winchester joins forces with an injured cop when a secret code threatens her life in Shattered Haven by Carol J. Post.

Cobie MacBride’s only chance at finding the connection behind her father’s death and a lost treasure is to trust a man she dislikes in Submerged by Elizabeth Goddard.


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The High Crusade by Poul Anderson


The Wersgorix thought King Edward III’s England ripe for conquest. Instead, Sir Roger Baron de Tourneville happily beats them back and dares to plot. What fate awaits brave Englishmen among the stars?

Middle Age Englishmen jollily fighting aliens and then fretting is humorous. Sir Roger cunningly uses war tactics and cuthroat political moves, but victory is uncertain. Sir Roger is an interesting blend of cunning, unpolished, brave, and arrogant. Brother Parvus muses on some serious issues while long sufferingly grappling with his duties. The High Crusade offers science fiction, alternate history, adventure, and dashes of humor.

Want more books like The High Crusade?

Grantville, West Virginia is transported to Germany in 1632 and changes history in 1632 by Eric Flint.

A group of 14th century Englishmen abducted by aliens seek their freedom in The Excalibur Alternative by David Weber.

Queen Elizabeth must free England after the Spanish invade it using alien technology in Saint Antony’s Fire by Steve White.

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City of Rocks by Michael Zimmer

Young Joseph Roper chases outlaws who kidnapped a woman and killed Coalville’s sheriff. When Joe learns of lost gold he’s determined to find it too. Can an untried youth beat some of the West’s deadliest outlaws?

Joe is honest about himself and others. He reveals a West that is not romantic or clean but gritty and complicated. Youthful health and determination keep him going, but they also make his dangerous mission even riskier. City of Rocks offers a gritty Western adventure.

Want more books like City of Rocks?

A journalist runs into trouble when he discovers a frontier town’s darkside in Flint’s Gift by Robert S. Wheeler.

Sheriff Joe Mundy faces ruthless lawbreakers and those seeking revenge for past justice in Mundy’s Law by Monty McCord. (Click here for my blog entry on Mundy’s Law.)

Young Mattie Ross seeks the man who murdered her father in True Grit by Charles Portis. (Click here for a entry I wrote about True Grit on another blog.)

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