Rolling in the Deep by Mira Grant


The scientists and crew of the Atargatis seek mermaids in the isolated Mariana Trench. They will find terror and death. What horrors lie behind the myth of beautiful mermaids?

These mermaids are gory predators which create a desire to avoid deep, isolated waters. A vaguely scientific explanation for their creepy ability to mimic their prey creates horrified curiosity about what lies deep beneath the sea. The fast paced story gives just enough time to care about the characters before the mermaids attack. Rolling in the Deep offers a fast paced tale of scientists encountering horrors from the sea.

Want more books like Rolling in the Deep?

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A paleontologist battles the creature that killed his crew mates in a previous expedition in Meg by Steve Alten.

Two scientists are sent to Long Island when people begin disappearing and dying due to mysterious attacks in Mount Misery by Angelo Peluso.




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