About this blog

Welcome to my blog! I’m glad that you’ve come to visit. This blog spotlights some of the many interesting and/or fun books out there. I hope you find something interesting and happy reading.

What’s in each post

The first element is a picture of the book. Book covers are made to encourage people to read and some are just fun to look at. If you click on the picture you’ll be taken to goodreads.com’s page for the book. (Goodreads is a fun resource for finding your next read. You can type a book’s title to find summaries, reviews, and similar books.) The next elements are a summary and evaluation of why the book is worth reading. Finally, I suggest some similar books in case you want some other books like it.

Similar book source notes

 I use a variety of sources. Some major ones are:

  • NoveList Plus is a wonderful  database. You can type in a book title to find similar books or find books by a particular factor such as location. (NovelList Plus is not a free database, so see if your library has access to it. If it does, please check it out because it’s a very fun and powerful tool for finding the perfect book!)
  • Goodreads makes suggestions, so be sure to be check them out.
  • My own reading memory if I feel something I’ve read in the past applies.

                        A disclaimer

I may not agree with the opinions of books or resources I post about, but feel they might be interesting to take a look at.


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