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Cape Farewell by Peter Tonkin

Cape Farewell

Catastrophe strikes husband and wife team Richard and Robin Mariner when a storm sweeps Robin overboard. Robin’s rescue by a submarine becomes a curse when the sub is trapped underwater and a madman roams its halls. Will the Mariners overcome these challenges or will death triumph under the sea?

Tonkin’s nautical knowledge immerses the reader in sea weather, challenges of rescue at sea and what it is like in a submarine. His use of inventive comparisons also helps readers visualize what is going on. The series of weather and human challenges create a suspenseful tone. The Mariners’ commitment, bravery & intelligence are another appeal. Cape Farewell could be a good choice for those seeking a sea based tale, submarines and/or a capable husband-wife team.

Want other books that, like Cape Farewell, involve challenges at sea?

An embattled commander must face down ocean weather and a pack of rogue submarines David Poyer’s Korea Strait.

A captain must save a cruise ship and face down a rogue submarine captain in Michael DiMercurio’s Threat Vector.

A husband and wife team join forces with an action duo to prevent the secrets of a cargo ship from being used by the wrong hands in Clive Cussler’s Serpent.


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Godsword by Emerson Cole


Connor Brock is concerned when his friend, Matt Ferguson, goes missing on an Investigation of Corporate Espionage (ICE) mission. Matt’s abduction is part of the plan of a relentless and intelligent enemy. An enemy that plans on using terrorism and a dangerous artifact from Alexander the Great’s missing tomb to rule the world…

Godsword is an adventure thriller with elements of a financial thriller. It has the financial thriller element of corporate intrigue: very hostile takeovers, how business can grant political power and a chilling look at how terrorism might be used for financial gain. It has the adventure thriller ingredients of fun characters, an entertaining plot and environments the reader would not experience ordinarily. The buddy duo, Brock and Ferguson, clearly know how to balance one another. For instance, Brock reflects on how Ferguson balances out Brock’s seriousness with humor and helps him focus. The villain, Subedei, is a villain the reader likes to dislike due to his subtle and ruthless intelligence. The plot is entertaining because the reader becomes caught up in the quests of defeating Subedei’s cunning strategy and finding Alexander the Great’s tomb. Godsword gives the reader a chance to learn about the environments of corporate misdoings and Egypt. Corporate misdoings are shown to be subtle and ruthless. The reader sees that Egypt’s history contains many interesting personalities and exists over an immense time span. Godsword is a good choice for those wanting an adventure thriller, some corporate intrigue, a trip to an exotic locale and/or the search for the solution of an archeological mystery.

Want more books like Godsword?

Another mixture of adventure and corporate intrigue: a diamond billionaire who will stop at nothing, even endangering the lives of millions, to gain control of the world’s diamond market in Clive Cussler’s Shockwave

A tale of adventure with corporate intrigue mixed in: a security agent and a forensic accountant join forces to rescue the kidnapped employees of an American company in China in Ridley Pearson’s The Risk Agent

Books like Jason Thompson’s A History of Egypt : From Earliest Times to the Present also provide a chance to learn more about the personalities and long span of Egypt’s history…

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Trojan Odyssey by Clive Cussler

Trojan Odyssey (Dirk Pitt, #17)

Dirk Pitt and Al Giorodino, assisted by Pitt’s children Summer and Dirk Jr., move into action when a mysterious brown tide begins harming the world’s oceans. The tide is no natural threat: a group with ties to the Trojan War plans to endanger the planet. It will take wits and mettle to save the world and find the truth behind Homer’s tales…

Trojan Odyssey is fun adventure. Dirk, Al and the others overcome various challenges that can divertingly fill an afternoon. Among them are rescuing an oceanic hotel, battling a sociopathic group which takes names from Celtic goddesses and retracing the steps of Odysseus. Dirk and Al add to the fun with their nonchalant wit and refusal to be unsettled by what faces them. Cussler’s mentions of oceanic technology, creatures and history give the reader time with the sea. Trojan Odyssey is a good match for those looking for a sea tale, a saving the day story and/or an adventure which links mysteries of the past with the present.

Want reads with elements of Trojan Odyssey?

Cole Emerson’s Godsword, like Trojan Odyssey, is a fun adventure story in which a duo faces a past mystery and a present danger. In this case spy Connor Brock must stop a villain claiming to be descended from Genghis Khan from conquest…

Ted Bell’s Hawke features a determined hero who must keep a Russian submarine from being used in a preemptive strike on the U.S….

Cussler based his premise for the truth behind the Trojan War on Where Troy Once Stood by Iman Wilkens.

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The Hunt for Atlantis by Andy McDermott


When Nina Wilde discovers a probable location for Atlantis she is targeted for death by a murderous brotherhood. To save Atlantis, and herself, she will have to face down killers, pass ancient tests and go on a dangerous quest across the globe. If she finds Atlantis the secrets it contains might change the world forever…

The Hunt for Atlantis features a fast moving and action packed plot. If you want to travel across the globe and face various dangers including an explosive train chase and a perilous fight on an airplane this is a good choice. The action is supplemented by touching on the atmospheres of various locales: cultured Paris, a humid Brazilian rainforest, beautiful but isolated Tibet and others. The reader’s attention is further kept by the duo of Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase. Academic Wilde doesn’t let inexperience keep her from adventure and bodyguard Chase interjects wisecracking humor. The Hunt for Atlantis is a good read for its fast moving plot, globe-trotting atmosphere and fun characters.

In a mood for The Hunt for Atlantis?

Atlantis by David Gibbins also features heroes battling a ruthless villain who has his own reasons for wanting the secrets of Atlantis…

The Atlantis Prophecy is another fast paced story involving the hunt for Atlantis and consequences for the present…

Want to learn more about Atlantis? Check out books like Imagining Atlantis by Richard Ellis.

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