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Size 12 is Not Fat by Meg Cabot

ImageHeather Wells didn’t know solving murders would become part of her job as an assistant director for a residence hall -aka dorm- in New York. It does, however, when she’s the only one to find it suspicious when two of her girls die from elevator surfing. She finds she’s onto something when someone decides that dying should be a part of Heather’s job description…

Heather’s character draws the reader into the book. She is respectful of the value of human life while making observations about residence hall life, other people and her own life that make the reader laugh. The other characters in the book catch the reader’s attention too: good guy and private detective Cooper, Magda the cafeteria worker who calls the students movie stars and Sarah the annoying grad student among others. People interested in residence hall life might find this book interesting as Cabot once worked in a residence hall in New York. The plot is a good mystery because clues are dropped which point to the killer but they aren’t too obvious. Size Twelve Is Not Fat is a good read for characters looking for a spunky heroine and/or a mystery taking place on a college campus.

Think Size 12 Is Not Fat is a good match?

Janet Evanovich’s One for the Money also features a determined and humorous heroine who makes a career change. I wrote a blog entry about this book for a readers’ advisory class which can be found here.

Murder with Peacocks by Donna Andrews also features an female protagonist, murder, humor and love. Decorative blacksmith Meg Langslow has the dubious honor of being the maid of honor for three weddings in three weeks. When someone is murdered, the question becomes not only can Meg solve the murder but whether she’ll make it through the weddings sane and alive…

Since You’re Leaving Anyway Take Out the Trash by Dixie Cash also features a female protagonist who finds herself having to get to the bottom of a mystery with a dash of humor and love thrown in. In this case, a hair salon owner who becomes determined to find out who killed her best customer…



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