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Once a Ranger by Dusty Richards

New sheriff Phil Guthrey has plenty of lawbreakers to tangle with. There are horse rustlers, a greedy rancher grabbing land, and a grisly murderer. Can the Texas Ranger turned sheriff handle them all?

Guthrey doesn’t let low odds of success stop him from seeking justice. Other characters include an Apache raised Mexican who joins Guthrey’s force as a deputy. The story takes place in Arizona in the 1870s giving Guthrie the chance to visit rough Tuscon and Virgil Earp’s Tombstone. Lucky clues, stealth, and determination help Guthrey and his deputies bust lawbreakers. Once a Ranger offers a quick paced story of a sheriff battling lawlessness in the West.

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Want to learn about real sheriffs and the lawbreakers they fought? Check out books like With Badges and Bullets: Lawmen and Outlaws in the Old West edited by Richard W. Etulain.



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