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Giant Thief by David Tallerman

ImageEasie Damasco is a likable fellow despite the rather slanderous names, thief among them, which others use. When he steals his freedom, and some other sundry items, from an invading warlord Damasco becomes immersed in a fight to free his homeland. His skills could help save the day or get himself, and everyone else, killed….

Damasco’s character pulls the reader into the book. His wit and pragmatic attitude made me laugh. For instance, when having to go across a flimsy bridge, he thinks “I’d never been afraid of heights. I’d never particularly been afraid of bears either, but that didn’t mean I’d wrap my head in fresh meat and thrust it into one’s mouth” (350). I didn’t approve of all of his actions, but I wanted to see what would happen with his character. Tallerman uses Damasco to create a fantasy world with various settings such as a city that could fit in Arabian Nights and a kingdom that exists in a forest. All through this is the urgency of trying to defeat the warlord against increasingly worse odds. Giant Thief is a good read for those wanting a tale with a likable rogue and interest in another world.

Want other tales with likable rogues?

David and Leigh Edding’s  Redemption of Althalus features a humorous thief who uses an unusual outlook and methods to fight evil forces.

Tom Harrison’s Stainless Steel Rat series features a witty thief who saves the odd planet or two while making a living for himself. Like Damasco, the Stainless Steel Rat becomes drafted into an invading army and then has to try to help save the day in The Stainless Steel Rat Gets Drafted.

The King of Thieves, Autolycus, occasionally gets dragged into working with heroes in episodes of the Greek myth based Hercules and Xena. Click here for the tv.com page of the actor, Bruce Campbell, who plays Autolycus. (Tv.com is a site where you can look up episode summaries, trivia and more for TV shows.) Scrolling down shows the page shows the episodes Autolycus was a part of in those shows. One good episode to start out with is the season one, episode seventeen episode of Xena called “The Royal Couple of Thieves”. In this episode, Autolycus gets dragged into helping take a treasure chest from a warlord back to its owners. Like Damasco, he isn’t happy about being a good guy.



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