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Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier


Gwen Shepherd isn’t supposed to be a time traveler. That honor, or curse, is supposed to be her well-trained cousin’s. It turns out, though, everyone’s expectations were wrong. Now she has to deal with complications she wasn’t trained for: secrets, not knowing who to trust and a handsome fellow time traveler who doesn’t seem to approve of her one bit…

The reader is introduced to a world where extensive training, protocols and secrecy help time travelers to stay alive. What would it be like to be able to interact with one’s great-grandparent or historical figures from the past? Gwen’s experience shows it to be interesting but also a bit surreal. I felt that Gwen’s reactions were believable which made Gier’s tale feel more real and intriguing. Gwen is shocked, but she also wants to know what is going on. For instance, one part about how she wants to yell due to people repeatedly referring to, but not explaining, secrets feels like a plausible reaction. Her fellow time traveler, Gideon, is intriguing and annoying which makes the reader want to decipher his character. Ruby Red is a fun read for its time travel world, fun characters and interesting storyline.

Want read-a-likes for Ruby Red?

Meg Cabot’s Twilight also has a teenage female protagonist with a special power who becomes involved in a romance and may be able to change history.

Poison Princess by Kresley Cole also features a teenage female protagonist who learns she has a special power, has to figure out who she can trust and has to work with someone who has shown disapproval of her.

Being a time traveler who survives involving knowing a lot about history. If you want to put yourself in a time traveler’s shoes try learning more about history in your local area and/or country. Try learning more about a country’s history by searching your local library catalog by the country name and history such as “Great Britain history”.


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