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The Empress Game by Rhonda Mason


Princess Kayla turned pit fighter to hide from the empire that wants her dead. Winning the tournament to pick the empire’s next empress, the Empress Game, could gain freedom for her and her people. Can Kayla defeat the skill and treachery of the Game’s other contestants?

The game is a deadly mixture of pit battles and complex politics. Kayla’s people potentially having a nanotech plague cure creates political suspense and moral complexities. Kayla’s loyalties are challenged by the bond she develops with the honorable and handsome Empire agent Malkor. The Empress Game offers science fiction, suspense, and some romance.

Want more books like The Empress Game?

An attempt to prove her lover innocent of murder places an engineer in the midst of a conspiracy in The Cold Between by Elizabeth Bonesteel.

Edie’s skills with nanotech could free the Fringe if secrets and forced alliances don’t get her killed in Song of Scarabaeus by Sara Creasy.

Lt. Promise Paen must face dangerous secrets when invasion threatens the world she left long ago in Unbreakable by W.C. Bauers.



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Lockstep by Karl Schroeder


Toby McGonigal sleeps for 14,000 years and wakes to the mystifying reality of the Lockstep Empire. Worlds hibernate to negate the faster than light problem and minimize resource drain. His siblings have thrived as tyrants and turned Toby into a mythic figure. Can Toby, with the help of some allies, face down his siblings and help the worlds bound by the Lockstep Empire?

Lockstep is filled with exotic worlds such as one in which whole cities exist in bubbles and another is powered by an alien replacement for a sun. The hibernation scheme causes a unique perception of time. The plot builds as Tony realizes he must think outside the metaphorical box to find a solution that won’t drag the empire into war. Lockstep could be a match for those looking for world building, space opera, conspiracies, and/or a tale which addresses science.

Want other books like Lockstep?

In the wreckage of an intergalactic empire an arhceologist rediscovers an old world with intriguing secrets in Artemis Awakening by Jane M. Linkshold.

Geoffrey Akinya is sent offworld in a quest that will drag family secrets into the light and change Earth’s destiny in Blue Remembered Earth by Alastiar Reynolds.

Paul Atriedes is swept into a centuries old power play and must choose his path in Dune by Frank Herbert.

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In the Courts of the Crimson Kings by S.M. Stirling

In the Courts of the Crimson Kings (Lords of Creation, #2)

Jeremy Wainman is out to explore an ancient Martian city. It will be a trip filled with adventure as his life intertwines with that of the beautiful Martian mercenary Teyud za-Zhalt. An ancient artifact and a secret from Teyud’s past will change the future of both planets…

This is a story for those wanting to step into another world. Stirling paints a picture of Mars as an exotic and dangerous world. The plants and animals are different from Earth, but comparable at times, and the planet is slowly dying. The society he has inhabiting Mars is as exotic and dangerous as the planet itself: disquieting biotechnology, strategy in “The Game of Life” and a complexly expressive language. The plot is a fun read: a loyal hero and determined heroine, plotting officials, and a dash of romance and humor mixed with adventure. In the Courts of the Crimson Kings is a good choice for those wanting world building and/or a fun plot.

Want other books featuring world building and a fun read?

A civil war veteran is transported to Mars and fights to survive and develops a bond with a Martian princess in A Princess of Mars by Edward Rice Burroughs.

A misplaced Earthling must contend with dangers on a far-flung world while facing attraction to an alien space captain in Anne McCaffrey’s Freedom’s Landing.

An admiral strives to save his civilization and reunite with his wife in Karl Schroeder’s Pirate Sun.

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