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Trojan Odyssey by Clive Cussler

Trojan Odyssey (Dirk Pitt, #17)

Dirk Pitt and Al Giorodino, assisted by Pitt’s children Summer and Dirk Jr., move into action when a mysterious brown tide begins harming the world’s oceans. The tide is no natural threat: a group with ties to the Trojan War plans to endanger the planet. It will take wits and mettle to save the world and find the truth behind Homer’s tales…

Trojan Odyssey is fun adventure. Dirk, Al and the others overcome various challenges that can divertingly fill an afternoon. Among them are rescuing an oceanic hotel, battling a sociopathic group which takes names from Celtic goddesses and retracing the steps of Odysseus. Dirk and Al add to the fun with their nonchalant wit and refusal to be unsettled by what faces them. Cussler’s mentions of oceanic technology, creatures and history give the reader time with the sea. Trojan Odyssey is a good match for those looking for a sea tale, a saving the day story and/or an adventure which links mysteries of the past with the present.

Want reads with elements of Trojan Odyssey?

Cole Emerson’s Godsword, like Trojan Odyssey, is a fun adventure story in which a duo faces a past mystery and a present danger. In this case spy Connor Brock must stop a villain claiming to be descended from Genghis Khan from conquest…

Ted Bell’s Hawke features a determined hero who must keep a Russian submarine from being used in a preemptive strike on the U.S….

Cussler based his premise for the truth behind the Trojan War on Where Troy Once Stood by Iman Wilkens.


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